Virgibooks is the imprint of Virginia Creative Studios LTD., an entertainment company founded in 2016. 

We're an English and Italian language publisher of fiction with dedicated publishing teams in Italy and UK. 

We publish both emerging and established authors. Our books are all available throughout the world in digital formats. Some titles are available in print.


At Virgibooks, we believe that literature is the soul of human culture and evolution.  Our goal is to provide a book for every reader, and for this reason we publish across every category and interest. We love adventure and exploration in publishing prospectives. 

Our Team

Our Authors and Editors are professionals from around the world. Product quality is what matters most to us.

Our Culture

At Virgibooks, we have a clear vision for achieving great results. We are always hungry for new ideas and ready to take up new challenges as they are the driving force that helps us make our books bestseller.

Our titles are available on Amazon's Stores and best Bookstores.